November Rates

November Rates

Some of the industry's shipping lines softened their spot rates on budget contracts earlier this week for the last vessel of the month, as predicted, in an attempt to win extra business for on-going November support.

Rates have now increased on the Asia-Europe trade lane, back up again by an average of $100/teu, as vessels are being booked in advance to show near 100% capacity.

When this happens, as expected the rates will always differ from a) A rate that is used to entice new business/bookings and suffer container rollings, and b) A rate that means the container actually ships, and arrives on it's intended schedule.

It's no news to highlight here that Westbound Logistics uses method (b) for it's customers, as by doing this on mass means that our premium services offered gain a better buying power so ultimately, our customers pay an exceptionally good rate for a service that's the absolute best.

"It's a bit like flying Business Class with Virgin for $50 more than a RyanAir economy seat".

The proof isn't just our service, but if you're a Westbound existing customer, you may welcome the new rates which are about to be sent out for November as whilst the industry is increasing by $100 per teu, that's not to say that is what you'll receive.

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