Import Rates Increase Tomorrow (15.12.18)

Did you read our previous newsletter here?

Then if you did, you would remember we confirmed that although the shipping lines were announcing an increase on the 15th of December, we questioned whether it would actually go ahead and as such, we validated rates for the entire month of December.

The reason we could do this is, as also explained in the newsletter we have secured just one contract with the whole of December validated. To rely on this in case of an increase on the 15th, we asked for advance (Well in advance) bookings to be made.

As the rates have indeed increased, as predicted the vessel space for the lower rated contract is very much full from those who booked in advance. We will do our best to get containers shipped in all circumstances of latecomers, but otherwise, rates will be at the post increase levels of $75 per TEU on top. ($75 per 20ft/$150 per 40ft).

Vessels are operating fully for the remainder of December so we still encourage early bookings so we can work our magic this side.

We would anticipate the same for January seeing as the Xmas Break will merely be a calm before a pre-Chinese New Year storm. 

Please get your bookings in early to avoid disappointment.