Westbound are BIFA Finalists!

Do things really come in three's? If so, we're halfway there...

Only last week, we won a Global Best award for our operations presented to us, by the EGLN Network in Ho Chi Minh City. The same network, who voted our very own China offices as the best globally for sales.

This week, we've made the finalists of the prestigious BIFA Awards for our Seafreight Operations.

BIFA is the 'British International Freight Association' of which most UK freight forwarders belong to. It forms part of the world's most recognised terms and conditions for freight companies to adhere to, offering protection to both the clients, and the company, combining terms from all major retrospective bodies from around the world. It truly is one of the most honoured awards processes to be associated with.

Making the finalists is a huge achievement. To be considered amongst the best of the best feels like a win already but, we are looking forward to the build-up of an anticipating ceremony in London, January 2020.