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We are often asked: what makes Westbound so special? Why are we that much better than our rivals? Those that already use us know the answer; it is our attention to detail and personalised service.

Yet we are not the type to rest on our laurels, and we are constantly asking ourselves: how can we possibly be better at moving our clients’ valuable products around the globe?

This is the team that makes Westbound so special, and we hope you get to speak to them soon!

Ryan Clark


Ryan began his career in the family construction business, before moving on to the completely different, yet equally demanding, industry of Shipping. Shipping & Supply Chain has given Ryan 20+ years of immersive experience that has encapsulated every important facet within the industry, including Seafreight, Airfreight, customs formalities, storage and warehousing, UK distribution and key account management for large, well-renowned global companies.

When given the chance, Ryan enjoys and thrives on assisting other companies improving their supply chain methods and analysing and reducing the costs of their freight service. “It’s quite rare that I get to apply my in-depth knowledge base to a client’s complete supply chain process, but when I do, it always ends up with time and money saved.”

The combined experience of International Shipping and Supply Chain management has resulted in Ryan acquiring the perfect portfolio of partners and colleagues around the globe.

“Danny and I have a lot in common when it comes to business, but the most important aspect for me is Customer Service. Cost doesn’t mean anything unless we, as a company, can provide a better, faster, more efficient service than our competitors.”

Danny Horne


Danny has successfully worked in the Shipping Industry over a 25 year period, which has given him a wealth of knowledge and, more importantly, experience.

Whilst involved in logistics some years ago, Danny and Ryan became colleagues, and their mutual interests and hunger for new business ventures eventually brought them together in partnership to establish their own business. In symmetry with Ryan, Danny has been able to build an excellent portfolio of colleagues and acquaintances all over the world, from both the logistical and product buying industries. Together they now offer the most reliable, efficient and personalised freight solutions possible.

Danny is often accused of taking things personally. But that’s a good thing, for if our clients want a personalised service that is an extension, maybe even a clone, of their own business, then having Danny and the Westbound team come on board is as close as they can get!

“I am an all or nothing person, which is why I like to be 100% in control of my customer’s business. It is important to me to make myself fully responsible for delivering the very best service and ensuring that I am always delivering our promises. This is why Westbound Logistics Services offer a complete door to door service.”

James Power

Commercial Director

Tom Stainer

Business Development Manager

Riley Gosling

Commercial Supervisor

Ashleigh Seymour

FCL Import Operations

Charlotte Pennington

LCL Operations

Jennie Collingbine

LCL Import Operations

Sam Kerrison

LCL Import Operations

Tom Langstaff

FCL Import Operations

Richard James

FCL Import Operations

Wayne Steadman

Import Operations

Connor Murray

Export Operations

Charlie Parker

Airfreight Operations & Development

Joshua Boxall

Internal Quotes & Sales Development

Marie Tierney


Donna Clinch

Accounts Receivable

Sandra Torry

Accounts Payable